... to the official Goethes Erben homepage.

We would like to thank all of you who have supported us throughout the years
and have expressed an interest in our artistic work,
as well as those of you who are just discovering
Goethes Erben for the first time.

Concert Dates

14.09.2007Berlin - K17
15.09.2007Berlin - K17
04.05.2019 Weissenhäuser Strand,
08.06.2019 Leipzig, Kuppelhalle Volkspalast / AM ABGRUND live
09.06.2019 Leipzig, Schauspielhaus - Kammerkonzert
19.10.2019 Hameln,
13.11.2019 Leipzig, Moritzbastei AUSVERKAUFT
14.11.2019 Leipzig, Moritzbastei (Zusatzkonzert)


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