Goethes Erben featured in larger e-zines [in German]
Schwarze Seiten Tons of photos, interviews (even a video interview!) and information all about Goethes Erben. Sometimes you’ll even find discussions in the forum about the band.
Homepage von DJ Marsel (Radio SAEK) Marsel presents a radio show called 'Frontbase' that can also be heard on the internet. His homepage contains interviews & specials from past shows, including an interview with Oswald at the WGT 2003.
TranceForM Tranceform by Thomas Manegold is a forum for unique art, music and culture. There’s even a Goethes Erben category that includes, among other things, an interview with Oswald Henke as an MP3 and lots of photos from the "Kondition:Macht!" performances in 2000.
In Nomine - Musik- und Veranstaltungs-
A music and event magazine for the regions of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt interviewed Goethes Erben during the ´Schattendenken´ Tour that can be found on this site along with several pictures from the concert in Chemnitz on 4/17/04.
Entry Magazin This fanzine was founded in the early 90s. In the archive, you’ll find two old Goethes Erben interviews from 1994 and 1998. Website for the not-so-normal family. Goethes Erben was chosen as Band of the Month for April 2004 and printed an interview for the occasion. Then there’s another interview in reaction to the piece “Schattendenken” as well as photos from the show in Essen on 4/11/04.
La PoetriCe Online fanzine that interviewed Goethes Erben in March 2003.
Private Goethes Erben homepages
Homepage von Frank Podlesak ( Frank presents his photos from the festival „Orkus-Herbstnächte 2001“, a discography and more...
Homepage von Verena Fischer ( Verena has live photos from various concerts as well, and a discography. You’ll also find various Goethes Erben articles reprinted from the magazine “Orkus”.
Homepage von Steve Krawetzke This page contains concert photos from Jena, Chemnitz and Glauchau.
Concert photos / reviews
RICHTER's Netgoth-Homepage This Belgian site contains photos and short video snippets from the Invitation Festival in Gent 2003.
Homepage von Henrik ( Homepage from Henrik containing photos from the Erben concert on 4/21/01 in Chemnitz as well as concert pics from other bands and information about “Darkart” (H.R.Giger, Messerschmidt etc.).
Homepage von Ralf Junge (Zeit für´s Leben) The former webmaster of the Erben homepage has photos from the concert in Glauchau in January 2002 on his own homepage.
Konzertfotos Leipzig 2003 von Dave Concert photos, Leipzig 2003 from Dave
Konzertfotos von Christoph Photos from the Mera Luna Festival 2001 as well as the concert in Braunschweig on 1/12/02. Photos from the concert in Leipzig’s Werk II on 2/28/03.
Konzertfotos von Mario Stoeppler ( Photos from the concert in Schwimmbad in Heidelberg 1996
Cathedral in Flames And here are a few pics from yours truly from the 1992 concert in Giessen in Gonzos.
Erben pages in other languages
Homepage von Myriam Marc A French site with lots of information and all lyrics in French; even includes a complete French translation of "Kondition:Macht!" - excellent !!!
Webshop, forums, chats, webrings etc.
Goethes Erben Forum Nicely designed forum that deals with all aspects of Goethes Erben's music and their side projects.
Homepages from side projects
Still Silent Homepage Ralf Junge still runs the homepage for Mindy Kumbalek’s solo-project Still Silent.
Erblast Homepage The official Erblast homepage run by Tim Hofmann with current information all about O.H.´s solo project.
Artwork/Etage Music Homepage Artwork is a project by Jochen Schoberth that Oswald sometimes loans his voice to.
Booking agency, label and other useful people
Homepage von A.S.S. Concerts & Promotion The homepage of Goethes Erben’s booking agency in Hamburg.
Homepage der Künstlerin Carsta Köhler (Gewandkunst) If you want to find out more about Carsta Köhler’s costume design (she made the costumes for ´Kondition:Macht!´), then check out Ralf Junge´s homepage newest project.
Leico Music Tonstudio The CD "Schach ist nicht das Leben" was recorded in "Leico Music Tonstudio“ by Harald Wesely.