02.03.2005 - Fréttir 2/2005
Nýi geisladiskurinn “Dazwischen” kemur út í október 2005. Goethes Erben er að leita að íslensku plötufyrirtæki til þess að gefa út geisladiskinn á Íslandi. Samband:

DVD-Box “Schattendenken” kemur út vorið 2006.

24.01.2005 - Goethes Erben News - 01/2005
The DVD-Box Set “Schattendenken” will not be released until early 2006 since film editing is taking a bit longer than originally planned. For this reason, Goethes Erben has decided to release the audio CD in advance. The new album, entitled “Dazwischen”, will be released in October 2005. The DVD-Box + Book will be released later without this CD and will be limited to 3000 copies.

There will be no Goethes Erben Tour in 2005, but a small fan concert is being planned for the end of June. However, the exact date and location of this concert is still unclear. Goethes Erben will also be playing live at the Orkus Amphi-Festival on July 1, 2005 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

At this year’s WGT in Leipzig, Goethes Erben will give a small sneak preview of the DVD in progress. A full-length video of the live performance on Good Friday 2004 in Bremen will be shown along with a trailer for the upcoming film version.

22.06.2004 - New URL for the French Goethes Erben homepage
The French Goethes Erben website has moved:

Myriam Marc has been maintaining this page on her own for some time now, and now it’s even free from all pesky advertising. It’s certainly worth having a look - e.g. the page contains a complete French translation of “Kondition: Macht!”

03.05.2004 - News - May 2004
Photos from the ´Schattendenken´ Tour !

Well, the Goethes Erben tour is now a thing of the past. For those of you who missed it, or for those of you just looking for fond memories, your Webmaster has scouted out the web for photos. Check out the following links:

Concert in Magdeburg (4/8/04) & Berlin (4/12) (Antje & Melanie)
Concert in Gent (4/10/04) (Raphael)
Concert in Gent (10/4/04) (Julia)
Concert in Essen (4/11/04) (
Concert in Vienna (4/14/04)
Concert in Munich (4/15/04) (
Concert in Munich (free registration required)
Concert in Bad Salzungen (4/16/04) (Ralf)
Concert in Chemnitz (4/17/04) (
Concert in Bad Salzungen & Darmstadt (4/16 & 18/04) (Reglindis)

Concert reviews

Gent (in English):

Darmstadt (in German):

Essen (in German):

Bremen (in German):

Current interviews (in German)

Goethes Erben is “Band of the Month” at the website
See link for interview:

Interview from the Fanzine “La Poetrice” from March 2003:

Interview from the online magazine “In Nomine”:

Added sound samples

You’ll find new sound samples from the album ´Nichts bleibt wie es war´ under Sound Samples.

Screenshots from the video clip ´Lebend lohnt es´

Under Photos you’ll find a few screenshots from the video clip ´Lebend lohnt es´.

22.03.2004 - Goethes Erben interview
Here you will find a current interview (March 2004) with Goethes Erben in German: