Goethes Erben - Schattendenken

With a 90-minute musical play entitled "Schattendenken", Goethes Erben are returning to the stage in April 2004 for 10 shows.

Mindy Kumbalek and Oswald Henke take a calm yet tragic story and turn it into something resembling a fairy tale or drama; the music thereby remains typically unique and unable to be categorized. It’s all about imagination, the power of spoken and unspoken thoughts, and the story of Goethes Erben themselves. It’s about listening whores, a bed, an empty piece of paper, or one filled with words, a lack of sleep and sacrifice. One encounters both guards and swans, dances with the shadows, and recalls memories of a certain kind of tea.

Parallel to the rehearsals for these performances, the creative ensemble surrounding Goethes Erben has already begun filming the story of "Schattendenken". In contrast to "Was war bleibt", the idea behind "Schattendenken" will be presented in two different ways: A live DVD of the performance that includes an audio bonus CD will be released sometime in the future. But the core of the "Schattendenken" release will be a filmed interpretation of the story behind "Schattendenken" where the music will act mainly as a soundtrack. Not video clips, but the first real film produced by Goethes Erben.

Since the entire production and creation of "Schattendenken" are being documented on film as well, the DVD release will contain a great deal of bonus material that includes background information and documentary material.

During the tour in April 2004, the viewer can get a first glimpse of what the later visual interpretation of "Schattendenken" will be like since Goethes Erben will once again be working with the element of video and projections for their live performances on stage.